Private Readings

Connecting Spirit to Their Loved Ones in the Physical World


Bringing Healing, Comfort, Hope, and Inspiration

It is a misconception that psychics and mediums are one and the same. Although one is not better than the other, it is said that all mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums. This statement is true in that mediums and psychic use their five senses as their sixth sense. Kennedy calls it the psychic senses. The difference is that a psychic connects to the energies around them including people, places and things while a medium receives information from spiritual energies and acts as the channel or “messenger” for the other side. As a Spirit Medium, Kennedy channels the spiritual energies of the souls who have departed.

Not all mediums channel the same and that doesn’t make one better than the other. Spirit uses a medium’s frame of reference to help them understand the stream of information that is presented during a session. In your session with Kennedy, he will demystify the process and explain how he connects with Spirit. From there, you will witness his amazing ability to communicate with your loved ones and spirit guides who come through to bring you healing, comfort, hope and inspiration.


It’s Fast, Quick and Simple

Please note that all prices are listed in USD, and exchange rates may vary depending on your financial institution. We offer in-person readings for those located in Puerto Vallarta. In-person readings are held at Mystic Circle Cafe in La Zona Romantica. If you are located outside of Puerto Vallarta, be sure to select an online session via Zoom.  All appointments are scheduled in Central Standard Time, so kindly remember to check the time difference with your local time zone as Mexico no longer observes Daylight Saving Time.