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More About Kennedy Morgan


A Short Biography

Born in Vietnam and later adopted, Kennedy grew up in Renton, Washington. At the time it was a suburb 30 minutes South of Seattle. Having gone to a community college where he got his associates, his plan was to study psychology with focus on group dynamics and organizational leadership. Life would have a different plan for Kennedy.

From college years to his early 30’s, it was a path of self-discovery, search for belonging, acceptance, and a sense of family, amongst the other mundane aspects of life. Up until his early 30’s, Kennedy felt he was always trying to survive mentally and emotionally due to the tumultuous childhood he experienced. It wasn’t until he met his biological family for the first time was he able to truly feel centered. No longer having to survive mentally and emotionally from his experiences, Kennedy’s focus shifted in a way that allowed him to explore his highest and greatest self; learning to become acutely aware of physical and non-physical energies. Ultimately, the experiences along this path helped to unfold his true calling as a medium.

Kennedy will always tell you that, in hindsight, his ability to communicate with the departed has always been there throughout his life. He just didn’t know what it was or what to call it, let alone discuss it with others for fear of judgement and ridicule. That is no longer the case.

Currently, Kennedy has a flourishing mediumship practice bringing healing, comfort, inspiration and hope to people all over the world through in-person and online sessions.


I had to get past my own judgements and doubts about communicating with the dead to really be able to allow Spirit to come through.

What People are Saying

When Kennedy has answered questions for me and relayed moments back to me that only I knew the background of – he has given me clarity and immense relief by doing so. His gift is remarkable and I have such respect for all that he does with it, by helping others. I highly recommend seeing him.- Kim K.
Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel about Kennedy. The clarity, comfort and guidance he provides is everything.- Kathleen N.
Kennedy was amazing I got to connect with my dad who I lost when I was a teenager I’m 53 now . There was things he told me that only my dad knew he’s the real deal and with so much love thank you Kennedy.- Darlene B.
I believe in evidence based science; research and studies, peer reviewed facts. Evidence is key. Kennedy Morgan is an evidentiary medium. He provides evidence. Not vague suppositions, not questions posed to you but cold hard, irrefutable evidence that only YOU can verify and KNOW. The truth is in the pudding. Only you, Kennedy and those passed will know. Evidence is key and Kennedy Morgan provides you with this.- Helena P.
I scheduled a reading and didn’t know what to expect. I was a bit skeptical but Kennedy gave me information from a couple of family members and one friend that passed. The information was very personal and accurate. I am definitely a believer.- Christine P.
I have been to psychics and tarrot readers. Ho humm. Not a believer. I went to Kennedy and was completely blown away. He didn’t ask questions trying to get a feel for anything He has a true, AUTHENTIC gift. I left in absolute awe. Truly an amazing experience and worth every penny. Thank you for all the enlightenment you gave to me Kennedy!! Truly amazing experience.- Karen G.



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