Daily Wisdom and Insight

Insight to Illuminate Your Path Today

Light Seer’s Tarot Deck By Chris-Anne

It is easy to resonate with this modern and creative re-imagination of the Rider-Waite tarot.  Each card depicts modern archetypes without losing the symbology that gives deeper meaning to the message behind each card.  You are invited to draw a card from the deck to get your daily message.  Every time you draw a card, it is randomly selected. Because it is randomly selected,  fate will give you the card that you needed to give you insight, perspective, inspiration, hope, and motivation for the day.

Draw Your Card

Before drawing your card, set this intention:

“I ask for wisdom, guidance, clarity and what I need to consider to help guide me through this day.”

Notice the card that you drew.  Try to connect with it because sometimes you might get additional impressions other than the insight that is provided for you. Note:  The Light interpretation of the card is from the upright perspective. The Shadow interpretation of the card is from the reverse perspective.

Random Tarot Card


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